Featuring all kinds of music from the 2018 Dancing Spirit Camp




Songs from the 2018 Voice Camp plus an interview with Helen Yeomans and news regarding the New Unicorn Village Songbook 


Lots of music from the 2017 Dancing Spirit Camp

with commentary from Nickomo about the recording process

featuring everything from the 2017 20th Anniversary Natural Voice Camp plus an interview with Nickomo about songwriting and technology and a message from Suise Prater about her crowdfunding appeal for Luke. https://www.gofundme.com/lukepraterhealing 




Featuring a three-part interview with Pauline Down,

and highlights from the 2016 Friday Night Cabaret



featuring the first of our interviews on the subject of Songwriting with Ali Burns,

another Storytime with Jane Flood, and loads of songs from the 2016 Voice Camp.


 Music from the 2016 Dancing Spirit Camp featuring an interview with Allaudin Ottinger




Including an interview and a story from Jane Flood and a new competition



Cabaret highlights and an interview with Sarah Pennington

Highlights from the Voice Camp, Songbook news, and an interview with Gilo

Celebrating the 2015 Dancing Spirit Camp, including an interview with Glen Unmana.

fearuring music from the 2015 Unicorn Voice Camp and an interview with Roz Walker

featuring an interview with Roxane Smith, and the Cabaret Special

featuring an interview with Ali Burns

- Interview with Amida Harvey www.amidaharvey.co.uk
- Lots of musical extracts from the 2014 Dancing Spirit Camp.  

2014 Voice Camp
Interview with Peter MacFadyen

'History of Rowley' Part 2
Interview with Kirsty Martin

'History of Rowley' Part 1
Interview with Daren Messenger

Special Tribute to Nick Prater

Interview with Donna Bach

Extracts from the Cabaret

Interview with Jilani Prescott

Interview with Pete Linnett

Interview with Rowena Whitehead

Interview with Muiz Brinkerhoff

Interview with John Bowker Part 2

Interview with John Bowker Part 1

Interview with Nick Prater

Interview with Ali Orbaum

Interview with Dee Jarlett

Interview with Helen Yeomans

Interviews with lots of folks

Interview with Barbara Morgan

Interview with Margie McCallum

Interview with James Burgess

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